First impressions always count

First impressions always count


First impressions always count. This has been the driving force over the past few years that has made car detailing and car shows so popular. All over the world, there are new valeting companies or car shows at the weekend, and we think it's great that people are taking so much pride in their appearances.

Here at BB Comercial we have taken this idea on, each of our engineers has their own fleet van, a deep blue ford transit with our company branding across the sides and rear.

We take great pride in their appearance and we even host random spot checks, dishing out awards to the best van. One member of the team has taken this to the next level! Alan Ferriday, our senior engineer here at BBCommercials, took his van into a show and won! What with the new interior, fancy lights, and everything other than the kitchen sink, winning was unquestionable.

Car detailing gives you an immaculate clean which you won't achieve with your good old henry hoover. It entails a top-to-bottom scrub of your entire vehicle using specialised products/tools. Check out our tips to make a show-ready car:

  • Mix water with car shampoo - Ingredients in car shampoo leave the car bodywork protected so your car is squeaky clean.
  • Rinse car- Place thumb over the top of the hose when giving the car an initial all-over rinse to rid of any dirt from your car's paintwork. Working from top to bottom. Leaving your wheels last avoids picking up any grit that could scratch your paint.
  • Don't forget about those difficult areas- Open car doors, wipe around sills and all the parts of the car door that normally aren't exposed. Rub shampoo foam on Bumpers and number plates with a soft paintbrush before rinsing off and rub lint-free cloth moistened with vinegar over your chrome for a sparkling shine
  • Clean wheels- If only mildly dirty, then you may use mild soap (do not use detergent) and water to clean them. If wheels are very dirty, you may need to use a de-greaser before cleaning them. Then use a specially formulated wheel cleaner.
  • Rinse vehicle- Use hose or a clean bucket of water to rinse entire vehicle and excess shampoo away
  • Dry car- Squeegee water away in long, steady strokes (avoids streaks). Turn screen wiper on to start you off

Waxing can put the icing on top of your cake as it will add a layer of gloss and shine to your paintwork which keeps your can looking sparkling clean! And if you think we put this much work into our vans, you should see how much goes into our service work. Head over to our services page and see what we can do for you.

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